Slimy John

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This 2d sidescroller provides creative levels, interesting gameplay, and fun adventures.

Compete against your friends, by thinking up clever
new strategies for beating the levels efficiently.

Are you ready to dominate the highscores?



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Picture showing the touch controls on Slimy John

Beta 1.2 Change Log

Graphical changes:

- Added a variation to the rock tiles.
- The Switch has gotten a redesign.
- Changed the way the background is rendered.
- A glitch that made the rocky dirt tiles darker has been fixed.
- Tiles That are 20 or more from the top of the map are now rock instead of dirt.
- The "submit score" menu after completing the game has been graphically updated.

Gameplay changes:

- Movement speed has been altered slightly.
- Water has been added.
- Another enemy (a fish) has been added.
- Spears can now appear on the roof and walls as well, not just the ground.
- Some enemies now deal more damage than others.
- Spears now instantly kill the player if he touches it.
- Some levels have been altered to make them easier/harder respectively.
- The FPS has been limited to 60.
- Spears that can extend has been added.
- Bob (little head enemy) will now chase the player if he gets close.
- Items will no longer remain in the store after they are bought.
- Items will no longer show up next to HP bar, unless it has been aquired.
- You will no longer crash for going out of the map
- Controls has been added to the options menu.
- If you are in the store, the controls will show the stores controls instead.
- Touch buttons have been removed, if you are not using a touch device


- A way of clipping through walls has been patched.
- A method of moving the camera without moving the player has been patched.
- A Graphical glitch causing spaces in the map and background in certain browsers has been fixed.

Slimy John 1.1


Slimy John 1.0

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