Her the Lux Fictus Toolkit have made a level which is shown in the browser window behind.

This is a toolkit for creating HTML5 games. Our toolkit makes it really easy for
everyone to make their own games, without to much knowledge. You can choose to
use the in game pixel art or your own. But since this is an alpha, there
are many limitations and a few bugs.

Unfortunately this program is discontinued.
There won't be any further development on this project.
We still use a newer version
of this program internally, for level design in Slimy John.

Unreleased Mac OS X version

Unreleased Mac OS X version of the Lux Fictus Toolkit

Get started:

  1. Download the program.
  2. Open up the .exe file in the downloaded folder.
  3. Create a new project.
  4. Now you can create a new map. maps are the areas in the game. You can create one through the "file" menu, or use the shortcut "ctrl+m".
  5. Choose the map setting you would like and hit ok.
  6. Start editing the map, using tiles from the tiles palette to the right.
  7. Save your work.
  8. Click "run" to run your game.

Current features

Known bugs